‘Sudanese Play and Bengalis Watch’: Ethnography of Globalization, Soccer and Indigenous Games in Kerala

Authors: K, Nisar; Devarapalli, Jesurathnam
Journal: Journal of Globalization Studies. Volume 8, Number 2 / November 2017

Globalization has been touching many aspects of human life in the contemporary world and the impacts of globalization often can be viewed from both global and local perspective. The present study focused on indigenous games and the practice of traditional sevens football, a specific local variation of soccer (in which instead of eleven players in the official format, only seven players play the game) largely found in South India, especially in Kerala. The transformations that have taken place in practicing the sevens football tournaments are the finest example of the effect produced by globalization on sport and entertainment culture. The ethnographic study conducted in three villages in Malabar region of Kerala in order to define in what way globalization has affected the daily life of people in these villages and consequently the indelible impression that it has left on local entertainment as well as the challenges faced by native games.

Keywords: globalization of indigenous games, sevens football, North Kerala, multi-sited ethnography.