Congratulations to Uchitel Publishing House on the 25th Anniversary

Journal: Social Evolution & History. Volume 13, Number 2 / September 2014

Dear readers, contributors and friends!

In September 2014, Uchitel Publishing House celebrates its 25th anniversary. ‘Uchitel’ in Russian means ‘a teacher’; so over two and half decades, Uchitel Publishing House has distinguished itself as a reputable publishing house, particularly specializing in issuing book output and CDs for teachers, chiefs of educational institutions, kindergartners, students, school leavers and undergraduates. It has published a large number of books of high standard and continues to evolve in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Uchitel Publishing House also aims at advancing social sciences by collecting and presenting theoretical and applied research, ideas and approaches driving from scholars from economics, political science, psychology, sociology and anthropology, global studies in a number of scholarly periodicals, monographs and edited volumes to name but a few: journals ‘Social Evoution & History’ and ‘Journal of Globalization Studies’, yearbooks ‘Evolution’, ‘History & Mathematics’, ‘Kondratieff Waves’, and ‘Globalistics and Globalization Studies’.

Social Evolution & History has enjoyed fruitful cooperation with Uchitel Publishing House from the foundation of the journal. Through its continuous and sincere efforts, Uchitel Publishing House has helped Social Evolution & History journal to attain a high place among academic periodicals focusing on such areas as history, anthropology, and also philosophy and theory of history and many other subjects.

We convey our hearty congratulations to Uchitel Publishing House, its Director General and its various staff, and wish them all the very best in achieving their undertaking. We also convey the grateful thanks of Uchitel Publishing House to its authors, friends, and valued clients.