The Earliest History of the Evolution of Social States in the Nineteenth Century Europe

Authors: Zinkina, Julia; Andreev, Alexey I.
Journal: Social Evolution & History. Volume 19, Number 1 / March 2020


Until the second half (or even the last few decades) of the nineteenth century states tended to play only a minimal role in social security. By the mid-nineteenth century, some Western European countries developed the first prototypes of the modern pension system. The real history of modern social security dates back to the laws adopted in Germany in the 1880s. In this paper we consider in more detail the examples of the early development of social legislation in the two pioneer countries, Germany and the UK.

Julia Zinkina, Senior Research Fellow, International Laboratory for Demography and Human Capital, RANEPA more

Alexey Andreev, Associate Professor, Faculty of Global Studies more