Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality, and Pro-Sociability (WESIPS) 2021 – Biennial Conference

Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality, and Pro-Sociability (WESIPS) 2021 – Biennial Conference
Journal: Social Evolution & History. Volume 19, Number 1 / March 2020


Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality, and Pro-Sociability

Biennial Conference

Organizers: Dr. Richard J. Chacon (Winthrop University), Dr. Yamilette Chacon (James Madison University)

Dates: May 19–21, 2021

Keynote speaker: Dr. Paul ‘Jim’ Roscoe (University of Maine)

Location: University of Seville, Spain

Abstract submission deadline: October 5, 2020 at 11:59 PM (EST)

Registration fee: $300 USD

Registration deadline: February 19, 2021

Over millennia, warfare, environmental degradation, and social inequality have brought much suffering to humankind. In an effort to facilitate interdisciplinary cross-fertilization, WESIPS brings together a cadre of internationally recognized scholars to address the underlying causes of warfare, environmental degradation, the advent of social complexity, and social inequality from a host of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Setting the stage for the cumulation of knowledge, this symposium seeks to uncover effective solutions which promote peace, altruism, cooperation, social equality, biodiversity, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Conference website: http://www.spanishstudies.org/wesips-conference.html

Advisory Board Members:

Robert Carneiro (American Museum of Natural History)

Charles Cobb (Florida Museum of Natural History)

Arthur Demarest (Vanderbilt)

Mabaye Dia (Canada Parks)

Pilar Domínguez Prats (Universidad Las Palmas, Gran Canaria)

Timothy Earle (Northwestern)

Lynn Gamble (UC Santa Barbara)

Leonardo García Sanjuán (University of Seville)

Azar Gat (Tel Aviv University) Valerius Geist (University of Calgary)

Thomas Gregor (Vanderbilt University)

Raymond Hames (University of Nebraska)

Robert K. Hitchcock (University of New Mexico)

Shepard Krech (Brown)

Kristian Kristiansen (University of Gothenburg)

John Johnson (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History)

Patricia Lambert (Utah State)

Steven LeBlanc (Harvard)

Johan Ling (University of Gothenburg)

Joyce Marcus (University of Michigan)

Marcela Mendoza (University of Oregon)

Silvia Salgado Gonzalez (Universidad de Costa Rica)

Andrey Tabarev (Russian Academy of Sciences-Siberia)

Vera Tielser (Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán)

John Verano (Tulane)

Soledad Vieitez (Universidad de Granada)

Polly Wiessner (University of Utah)

Jianping Yi (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

For more information contact:

Dr. Richard J. Chacon

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Series Editor for Springer's Anthropology and Ethics

Winthrop University

Rock Hill, SC 29733

Office: (803) 323-4656

E-mail: chaconr@winthrop.edu