Contributors to the Issue

Contributors to the Issue
Journal: Journal of Globalization Studies. Volume 3, Number 2 / November 2012

Aqueil AHMAD is currently a full-time faculty in the School of Management at Walden University, Minneapolis, MN. He is the author of 6 books, 59 journal articles, 12 contributions to books, 16 monographs and project reports, 13 book reviews, more than 50 conference papers, several funded projects, and over 75 special lectures on wide ranging topics in different parts of the world. His works have been published, to name but a few, in the Journal of Applied Sociology, Sociological Practice, Humanity & Society, Globalization, Peace Review, Society and Science, Journal of Military and Political Sociology, American Sociological Review, Journal of African and Asian Studies, Journal of Human Relations, Science and Public Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, and many other national and international sources. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of globalization, international development, science and technology policy and management, global deviance; peace and non-violence, international management, sociological theory and analysis, social psychology, social and cultural change and complex organizations.

Erdal DAĞTAŞ having graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication in 1995, he received his M.A. at Anadolu University Department of Press and Publication in 1998, and his PhD at Ankara University Department of Journalism in 2005. He is mainly interested in critical theories in media, political communication, popular culture, journalism and news analysis. Dağtaş is currently teaching at Faculty of Communication, Anadolu University as an associated professor. In addition to his articles in various journals and compilations, he published many books as a writer and editor including Public Opinion and Communication (Kamuoyu ve İletişim, 1998, with N. Atabek), Magazine Press in Turkey (Türkiye’de Magazin Basını, 2006), Civil Disobedience, Social Movements and Press in Turkey (Türkiye'de Sivil İtaatsizlik, Toplumsal Hareketler ve Basın, 2008), Media, Consumer Culture and Lifestyles (Medya, Tüketim Kültürü ve Yaşam Tarzları, 2009, with B. Dağtaş), The Hegemony of Popular Culture (Popüler Kültürün Hâkimiyeti, 2011, with Ö. Özer), Media Economics and Management (Medya Ekonomisi ve İşletmeciliği 2012).

Tessaleno C. DEVEZAS is Associate Professor with Habilitation at the Department of Electromechanics of the University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal, where he teaches and researches in the field of Materials Science and Technological Forecasting and leads the Working Group in Technological Forecasting and Innovation Theory. He is a member of the World Future Society, World Futures Studies Federation and International Kondratieff Foundation and member of the Advisory Board of the Periodical Technological Forecasting & Social Change. Prof. Devezas earned a BSc in Physics in 1970 with the University of the Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), a MSc in Materials Science in 1974 with the Instituto Militar de Engenharia (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and a PhD in Materials Engineering in 1981 with the University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany). In 2002, he was honored with the ‘Elsevier Best Paper Prize’ for his paper proposing a model explaining the mechanism underlying Kondratieff waves and in 2006 another of his papers (about the growth dynamics of the Internet) received an Honor Mention from Elsevier. In 2004 he was awarded with the Silver Kondratieff Medal by the International Kondratieff Foundation for his written contributions for the understanding of the Kondratieff waves. He is the author/co-author of more than 60 scientific papers published in several international scientific periodicals and 7 books.

Debora DI DIO is a development anthropologist who graduated in Development Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She obtained a BA in Political Science with a major in Asian Studies at the School of Oriental Studies (Italy), and studied at the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing (China). She is currently working for the United Nations World Food Programme in West Africa, monitoring results and impact of food security and nutrition programs. Researcher, writer and human rights activist, Debora has published in a range of academic journals, international newspapers and magazines, writing about sustainable development and humanitarian aid. Her research interests include community participation, human rights issues and gender studies.

Shanmukh V. KAMBLE is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Karnatak University Dharwad, Karnataka State, India. He teaches classes related to cognitive psychology, biological psychology, and positive psychology. His research interests include topics related to justice, bio-ethics, forgiveness, emotions, and global citizenship.

Iva KATZARSKA-MILLER is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. She teaches classes related to cultural psychology, social justice, and diversity. Her research interests focus on self-stereotyping, interpersonal relationships, and global citizenship.

Ervin LASZLO is Founder and President of The Club of Budapest, Chancellor of the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University, Founder of the General Evolution Research Group, Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science and the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, Senator of the International Medici Academy, and Editor of the international periodical World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution. He has a PhD from the Sorbonne and is the recipient of honorary PhD's from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Hungary. Laszlo received the Peace Prize of Japan, the Goi Award, in 2002, the International Mandir of Peace Prize in Assisi in 2005, the Conacreis Holistic Culture Prize in 2009, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and 2005. He is the author or co-author of 54 books translated into as many as twenty-three languages, and serves as editor of another 30 volumes in addition to a four-volume World Encyclopedia of Peace.

Michael LINKE is a chief architect mail/logistics at TS International. Before joining the organisation he worked for several years as Head Enterprise Architect within DHL. His research and interest focuses on the behaviour of socio-technical systems and their respective interaction including EAM, as well as more operational management topics in transport and CEP logistics. He holds several university degrees and is board member and chief editor of several associations and journals.

Zinsê MAWUNOU is a PhD holder in International Relations since June 2012 at Jilin University in Changchun, China. Prior to this, he started the higher education in his country at University of Lomé, Togo before continuing his Master and PhD degrees in China. He published several academic papers such as ‘Regional Structures for Making Peace in Africa: a Focus on the ECOWAS’ (2012), ‘Globalization and Economic Development: What is Francophone Africa Benefiting from Asian Emerging Economies and the West?’ (2011), and participated in several academic seminars and conferences. His PhD thesis focuses on socio-political and strategic relations between Francophone African countries and France face with the emergence of China in these African countries. He is particularly interested in the concepts of South-South relations, the Franco-African relations, regionalization and security in Africa, Africa and the globalization phenomenon. He currently lectures in University of Lomé, Togo.

Alexander Novikov is Research Fellow in Eurasian Center for Big History and System Forecasting.

M. Selahattin OKUROĞLU educated in the fields of engineering and economics, he graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Economics in 2003. After a short career in finance and stock markets, he completely changed over to the academic field in communications and mass media research. Recently he is a doctoral candidate in Anadolu University Department of Press and Publication. As well as his doctoral thesis and field research in the critical media literacy, he studies in critical theory, political economy, cognitive development and socialization, media economics, economy journalism, pragmatics-linguistics, cultural analyses, postcolonial theories and statistical methods. Okuroğlu is also writer of several articles and book sections with the editorial and co-writing of Erdal Dağtaş.

Carlota PEREZ is an interdisciplinary researcher, lecturer and international consultant specialized in the changing impact and opportunities stemming from the diffusion of technological revolutions. She is currently Visiting Senior Scholar at the London School of Economics (UK); Senior Research Associate at CFAP, Judge Business School, Cambridge University (UK); Professor of Technology and Development at the Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), and Honorary Professor at SPRU, University of Sussex (UK). She is the author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: the Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages (2002, translated into Spanish, Korean, Russian and Chinese). She was Founding Director of Technological Development in the Ministry of Industry in her country of origin, Venezuela, where she created the first venture capital fund in the 1980s. She is a consultant to global corporations, small companies, business associations, governments in various parts of the world, the UN and various other international organizations. In 2012 she was awarded with the Silver Kondratieff Medal by the International Kondratieff Foundation ‘for an outstanding contribution to the development of social sciences’. Homepage:

Stephen REYSEN is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Texas A&M University-Commerce. He teaches classes related to social psychology, intergroup relations, and multicultural diversity. His research interests include topics related to personal (e.g., threats to interpersonal public identity) and social identity (e.g., global citizenship).

Arno TAUSCH is Adjunct Professor (Universitaetsdozent) of Political Science at Innsbruck University. In his academic career, he was also Associate Visiting Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Guest Researcher, International Institute for Comparative Social Research, Science Center, West Berlin, upon invitation by the late Karl Wolfgang Deutsch, Stanfield Professor of International Peace at Harvard University. He served as an Austrian diplomat abroad and was Counselor for Labor and Migration at the Austrian Embassy in Warsaw. His research program is focused on world systems studies, development and dependency studies, European studies, and quantitative peace research. In addition, he authored or co-authored 15 books in English for major social science publishers, such as Dutch University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Nova Science Publishers, Rozenberg, and Saint Martin's Press, New York. In all, Tausch's works were published or republished in 26 countries around the globe.

William R. THOMPSON is Distinguished Professor and Donald A. Rogers Professor of Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is also the Managing Editor of International Studies Quarterly. The recent books include Asian Rivalries: Conflict, Escalation and Limitations on Two-level Games; Handbook of International Rivalries, 1494–2010; and The Arc of War: Origins, Escalation and Transformation. Forthcoming in 2013 are How Rivalries End: Shocks, Expectations and Reciprocity/Reinforcement and Theories and Scenarios of Systemic Transition: China and the United States in the Twenty-first Century.

Nandini VITHOJI recently finished her Masters degree at the Department of Psychology, Karnatak University Dharwad, Karnataka State, India. She conducted her Masters thesis under the guidance of Dr. Shanmukh V. Kamble. Her research interests include global identity, self-esteem, and collective emotions.

Chunmei ZHAO got her master degree from Jilin University in Archaeology and Museology in 2012. Her thesis focused on Indian Museums Development in the Post-Independence Era: 1947–1999. She currently works in the main library of Jilin University.