International Symposium  Big History and  Global Evolution. The 2nd Information Letter

2013.02.04 International Symposium Big History and Global Evolution. The 2nd Information Letter

International Symposium

Big History and Global Evolution

October 23-25, 2013

The 2nd announcement

On October 23–25, 2013 the Lomonosov Moscow State University will hold International Congress “Globalistics-2013”. In the framework of this congress the Eurasian Center for Big History & System Forecasting in collaboration with the Faculty of Global Processes of the Lomonosov Moscow State University organizes an International Symposium “Big History & Global Evolution”. We would like to express our gratitude to you for your intention to take part in this symposium.

On the basis of the Symposium proceedings we plan to publish a special issue of the Evolution almanac (

In connection with this we would ask you to send to our addresses (,, not later than the 1st of June, 2013 an article (between 4000 and 7000 words) prepared on the basis of your Moscow symposium presentation. This article should be formatted according to the following rules (

The paper's abstract should be no longer than 150 words. A separate sheet should give the author's brief CV (up to 250 word).

Bibliographical references should be given in parentheses in standard author-date form in the body of the text: (Duffy, Morrison, and Macdonald 2002; Crumley 1987: 164–165; 1995: 4; 2001; Claessen 1985: 196–198, 201, 207; 2000, 2002; Chu et al. 2003: 29).

Examples of references in text:

‘In a larger population there will be proportionally more people lucky or smart enough to come up with new ideas’ (Kremer 1993: 685); according to Rothmaler (1976: 127–129).

A complete list of references cited, arranged alphabetically by author's surname, should be typed at the end of the article along the following:

A) Journal articles:

Schaffer W. M. 1985. Order and Chaos in Ecological Systems. Ecology 11(1): 103–109.

B) Contributions to edited volumes:

Humphrey N. K. 1976. The Social Function of Intellect. Growing Points in Ethology / Ed. by P. P. G. Bateson and R. A. Hinde, pp. 303–317. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

С) Monographs:

Berryman A. A. 1981. Population Systems: A General Introduction. New York, NY: Plenum Press.

D) Internet resource:

a) If the site does not mention the publication date:

Chase-Dunn C., and Hall T. D. 1999. The Chesapeake World-System. URL:

b) If possible, put the publication date:

U.S. Bureau of the Census. 2008. World Population Information. URL: Date accessed: 24.02.2008.

Quotations. Single inverted commas should be used except for quotations within quotations, which should have double inverted commas. Quotations of more than 60 words should be set off from the text with an extra line of space above and below, and typed without inverted commas.

In addition, the Faculty of Global Studies of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (who organizes the International Congress “Globalistics-2013” in whose framework our Symposium will take place) plans to publish abstracts of all the presentations of the Congress participants by the start of the Congress. In this connection we ask all the participants of our Symposium to send their abstracts (formatted in accordance with the Congress rules specified below) by the 1st of June 2013 to the following addresses:,,,

Congress abstract guidelines:

1. The abstract (including title, author's name, affiliation, references and graphics) - no more than two pages in MSWord, font size 12, spacing 1 (max 7000 characters)

2. Graphics must be provided separately from the text in the format jpg., bmp.

3. References - at the end of the text.

We would also like to advise you to enquire in advance from on issues connecting with Russian visas, for which you should apply well in advance.