2014.09.25 Uchitel Publishing House celebrates its 25th anniversary

Dear readers, partners and friends!
Our Uchitel Publishing House celebrate the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Just imagine: a quarter of a century has passed! All this time ‘Uchitel” as a ship on the waves of time is sailing in the vast ocean of education and social science. And despite the waves of reforms and crises it keeps its true course, it helps to teach and learn.
We would like to thank all our colleagues, authors, customers and everyone who has worked and continues working with us all these years for the benefit of education and social science. Much has been done for a quarter of century. We expanded the range of products, introduced modern technologies, and began to develop online-learning. There is still much to be done. But we are sure that we will be able to sustain an adequate education and science level together with all of you.