Ernest Gellner’s Legacy and Social Theory Today

2023.03.01 Ernest Gellner’s Legacy and Social Theory Today

Palgrave Macmillan published a collective volume entitled "Ernest Gellner’s Legacy and Social Theory Today" edited by Petr Skalník

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Part I Historical Perspectives

Johann P. Arnason Gellner and the Habsburg Window on Modernity

Thomas Hylland Eriksen Postcolonialism as a Possibility: A Dialogue That Never Happened

Ian Jarvie The Persistence of the Individualism Debate Today

Part II Theoretical Issues

Alan Macfarlane Ernest Gellner and the Limits of Understanding 

Ralph Schroeder Computational and Data-Driven Gellnerian Social Theory: From the Transition to Modernity to a Disenchanted Future

Chris Hann A Critique of Gellner’s Neo-Liberalism: Economy, Equality, Epistemology 

Daniele Conversi Gellner in the Anthropocene: Modernity, Nationalism and Climate Change

David N. Gellner Ernest Gellner and Populism 

Part III Gellner on History

Guido Franzinetti Gellner and the Historians

10  Siniša Malešević War, Violence and Group Solidarity: From Ibn Khaldun to Ernest Gellner and Beyond

11  Andre Gingrich The Importance of Reading Ernest: Historical Methodologies as Hidden Resources for Anthropology

12  Nikolay N. Kradin Ernest Gellner and Debates About World History Periodization

13  Lahouari Addi Islam, Plato and Protestantism: Gellner in North Africa

Part IV Gellner and Anthropology

14  John A. Hall The Philosopher of Anthropology 339

15  Adam Kuper Ernest Gellner as Anthropologist 353

16  David Shankland Gellner: Right and Wrong 365

17  Lale Yalçın-Heckmann Re-visiting Gellner’s Social Theory in Reference to the Turkish Case 401

Part V Gellner and Nationalism

18  Anatoly Khazanov After Ernest Gellner: Nationalism and Nation-states Today

19  Adam Horálek Nation-Building in Aging Taiwan: A Gellnerian Perspective 441

20  Graży na Kubica Gellner’s Theory of Nationalism and the Study of Silesianess 461

21  Vytis Čiubrinskas The Politics of Ethnicization: Political Subjectivities of Nation States in Relation to the Polish Minority in Central Eastern Europe 

22  Zdeněk Uherekxiv From Interdependence to Disjunction: Gellner’s Theory and the Development of the Interrelationship Between the Concepts of Nation and Nationalism

General Comments on Chapters by Vytis Čiubrinskas, Guido Franzinetti, David Gellner, Chris Hann, Grazyna Kubica, Zdeněk Uherek, and Ralph Schroeder 

Modernity and Its Discontents: Comments on Chapters by David Shankland, Johann Arnason, Daniele Conversi, Ian Jarvie, Alan Macfarlane, and Adam Horálek 

General Comments on Chapters by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Grażyna Kubica, John A. Hall, Siniša Malešević, Nikolay N. Kradin, Anatoly Khazanov, Andre Gingrich, and Lahouari Addi 

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