• History & Mathematics

    History & Mathematics

    This is a series of the almanacs dedicated to various aspects of the application of mathematical methods to the study of history and society. It comprises articles that apply mathematical methods to the study of various epochs and scales: from deep historical reconstruction to the pressing problems of the modern world.

  • Evolution


    The almanac is helpful for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems as well as for specialists working within specific trends, and also for those who to a greater or lesser extent are interested in the evolutionary problems of astrophysics, geology, biology, history, anthropology, linguistics; who long for being familiar with the newest achievements in the humanities, natural and social sciences.

  • Kondratieff Waves

    Kondratieff Waves

    Kondratieff Waves is a new international almanac that is published in co-operation with the International N. Kondratieff Foundation and the Faculty of Global Processes of Lomonosov Moscow State University from 2012.

  • Globalistics and Globalization Studies

    Globalistics and Globalization Studies

    Nowadays globalization processes have become all-embracing. But at the same time, despite the ever-increasing flow of publications on globalization, our understanding and knowledge of it still leaves much to be desired. Especially it concerns the global processes in general, of which globalization is a part. We also need to systematize our ideas about globalization and Global Studies to somehow fit the realities. In particular, this concerns the education process, because the current state of education will determine the way people will perceive reality in the forthcoming decades. This yearbook aims at contributing to the solution of these important tasks.