Geonomics, Energetics and the K-Paradox: A Sustainable Point of View

Author: Ternyik, Stephen I.
Almanac: Kondratieff waves:Cycles, Crises, and Forecasts


The paradox truth of the Kondratieff wave phenomenon is being translated into geonomic and energetic terms of a human survivalist rationality and morality which argues against prevailing tribalist territorialism. Energy efficiency is identified as the principal law of human systems evolution, concerning the conversion of land value/natural resources into human needs; this sustainable point of view is being extended to all economic tools of human productivity and rent or interest-seeking will be discouraged in such a social model of reality. Consequently, labor and entrepreneurship will be freed from non-necessary restrictions and can reach their full creative potential for the common good, without sacrificing private wealth, liberty and classical accounting techniques.

Keywords: sustainability, monetary tools, energy efficiency, geonomics, land value, rent-seeking.