Leonid E. Grinin and Andrey V. Korotayev's ‘Great Divergence and Great Convergence: A Global Perspective’, Springer International Publishing, 2015

Author: Harper, Tony
Almanac: History & Mathematics:Economy, Demography, Culture, and Cosmic Civilizations


The book ‘Great Divergence and Great Convergence: A Global Perspective’ represents an insightful analysis of the processes associated with historical change, specifically those processes that have given rise to the current state of the world system. Uniquely, the authors suggest that continuity of the process extends to both the Divergence and Convergence. Further, they suggest that the time depth of the origin of this process is much deeper than the traditional marker of the mid-17th century and build a strong case for this assessment. Finally, Grinin and Korotayev make some predictions regarding the further effects of the process of convergence into the near future, predictions suggesting a significant reshuffling of world system organization and the rise of a global middle class.

Keywords: economic growth, convergence, globalization.