Quantum Energetic Evolution

Author: Ternyik, Stephen I.
Almanac: Evolution:Evolution and Big History: Dimensions, Trends, and Forecasts


This brief piece of research introduces into the thought the model of quantum energetic evolution; the basic physics of human socio-economic systems is shown as energy transduction mechanism. The historical transition and tech-nical evolution from a land-based natural economy to a money-based human social economy did not alter the natural laws that govern social production and distribution, i.e. the physical energy efficiency of a socio-economic system has to point to minimal entropy for natural reasons of temporal survival. All human economic life is only an inter-temporal niche in the thermodynamic evolution of eco-energetic behavior. A geonomic systems approach is proposed to develop human economic activity towards global long-term sustainability.

Keywords: money, energy, calculation, entropy, geo-economics, thermodynamics, evolution, time.