Shale Gas: An Energy Miracle or a Climate Disaster?

Authors: Klimenko, Vladimir V.; Tereshin, Alexey G.
Almanac: Globalistics and globalization studiesGlobal Transformations and Global Future.

In recent years one has witnessed an increasing interest in the shale gas issue with the greatest level of concern at different levels of society, up to the political ones. The present article analyzes data on the shale gas resources, both worldwide and in certain regions. The authors assess the possibilities of shale gas production and prospects of its use to substitute other types of energy. They also present the model of atmosphere and climate change due to emissions from additional unconventional gas production and combustion. It is shown, that to maintain stable climatic system, the production of abundant unconventional gas resources should be accompanied by the equivalent reduction of coal use.

Keywords: unconventional gas resources, world production, atmospheric emissions, climate change.