Strategic Management of Sustainable Development of Business Entities, Taking into Account the Kondratieff – Schumpeter Cycles (in Terms of the Wave Nature of the Innovative Economy) (Bronze medal)

Author: Dudin, Mikhail N.
Almanac: Kondratieff waves:The Spectrum of Opinions

Expressing appreciation and gratitude for awarding me the Kondratieff bronze medal, I would like to note that one hundred years have passed since the discovery of long economic waves or large economic cycles, but this theoretical concept has not lost its relevance. It is very significant that the idea of cyclicity and wave dynamics in the world economy was put forward in Russia (at that time, the USSR). We very much regret that the tragic fate of the great Russian scholar Nikolai Kondratieff did not let him finish his work on the theory of economic dynamics. But, having access to the results of his fruitful scientific work and extensive scientific heritage, we are obliged to develop and supplement the fundamental idea of cyclical transformations in the economy, which are conditioned by non-alternative trends and conjunctural tendencies of scientific, technological, socio-political, environmental-industrial, and other nature.