Strategic Stability and the Role of the Global Energy Sphere

Author: Sayamov, Yury
Almanac: Globalistics and globalization studiesGlobal Transformations and Global Future.

The article focuses on the problem of the strategic stability in energetics, pointing out that the fight for energy sources became one of the main reasons for wars and conflicts of the past and present. It can seriously poison the mankind's future, as well, and lead to a global confrontation which may be the last in its history, if a consensus is not found how to secure needs in energy on the basis of safety and interests of all participants in the energy process. As an example of a joint search for solutions the author presents the discussion platform of the International Club of Nice ‘Energy and Geopolitics’ on which a new initiative was born with the support of the city and region to establish an office of the Russian Academy of Sciences aimed at the development of the scientific cooperation.

Keywords: energy, geopolitics, strategic stability, Club of Nice.