Technological Achievements of the Future as the Path of Destruction of Habitual Human Society?

Author: Tsirel Sergey V.
Almanac: History & Mathematics:Investigating Past and Future

Assuming that extensive experiments on the correction of the human genome will fall on the 2030s and 2040s, the author comes to the conclusion that the real problems associated with the emergence of new subspecies of Homo sapiens will arise already in the 2070–2080s or even in the 2060s. Although such prospects are usually considered in an apocalyptic manner, the tragic course of events is not necessary. But, in any case, there will arise new unprecedented problems, primarily inequality problems, not only socio-economic but legal and political ones, as well as generally the possibilities of democracy in a society of genetically different people, etc.

Keywords: human society, scientific forecasting, liberal democracy.