The Chandra Multiverse

Author: Gehrels, Tom
Almanac: History & Mathematics:Big History Aspects


Equations of Planck and Chandrasekhar lead to our universe being a member of a quantized system of universes, the ‘Chandra Multiverse’. It is a trial-and-error evolutionary system; all universes have the same critical mass and finely tuned physics that our universe has. The origin and demise of our universe are described. In our astronomical environment everything ages and decays; even the proton may have a limited half-life. The decay products of all the universes expand into the inter-universal medium (IUM), clouds form in the IUM, from which new universes are started. When the density at the center of our proto-universe cloud reached proton density, photons, protons and neutrons were re-energized. A Photon Burst marks the beginning of our universe, 10–6 s, i.e. 1037 Planck times, later than a Big Bang; the evolution of forces, sub-atomic particles, and finely tuned physics, occurs in the Chandra Multiverse. This paper is based on 30 observations, 8 previous papers, and 2 books; the multiverse makes the identification of dark energy and dark matter possible.

Keywords: Universe, Chandra Multiverse, Planck Time.