The Supreme Kondratieff: Exponentiality, Teleology and the DNA of Economic History (The Future Balance of Wealth and Health)

Author: Ternyik, Stephen I.
Almanac: Kondratieff waves:The Spectrum of Opinions

Exponentiality is a naturally and physically new learning experience for the human mindset, which is by evolutionary patterns used to geometric quantities of information processing, for example, by linear or eventually short cubic increases of knowledge. Exponential knowledge automation will shake the very fundamentals of classical political economy, since a limited number of private banking corporations does decide about the fiat credit (monetary) flow, that is backed by the extremely concentrated land value in natural resources and real estate as a transaction collateral, which has now entered even the speed of cyberspace. The great transition and transformation of the capitalist welfare system are possible only if a new societal deal is worked out which would provide all citizens with more quantitative access to education, health care and social security in the economic jackpot of human living chances. A capital-based economy, which taxes economic rent as public revenue, can achieve exactly this societal goal of basic mutual existential guarantees. An earth sharing economy will be the best insurance for a non-killing policy on this planet. Therefore, the Sisyphean accounts of society should be radically reformed in terms of a sustainable taxation system.

Keywords: exponentiality, knowledge automation, political economy, taxation, rent, new societal deal, capitalist welfare system.