Towards New Maps of Global Human Values, Based on World Values Survey (6) Data

Author: Tausch, Arno
Almanac: History & Mathematics:Economy, Demography, Culture, and Cosmic Civilizations


This article provides a new approach to the study of global values, based on a statistical analysis of the freely available data from the World Values Survey, the 6th wave of global opinion surveys which has now been made public. In accordance with economic approaches, we contradict the mainstream of the hitherto published global value analyses in sociology (Inglehart and Norris 2003) and we think that family values (Schumpeter 1950) and religious values (Barro and McCleary 2003) can be an important positive asset for society. Too many negative phenomena, which cannot be overlooked anymore by contemporary social science, are clearly to be associated with the loss of religion (irrespective of the predominant denomination in a country): the distrust in the state of law; the shadow economy; the distance from altruistic values; a growing fatigue of democracy; the lack of entrepreneurial spirit; etc.

Keywords: global values, World Values Survey, mathematical sociology, factor analysis.