Kondratieff waves:

Kondratieff waves:

Historical and Theoretical Aspects

Bibliography: Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2021. – 199 pp.
Edited by: Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Andrey V. Korotayev
ISBN 978-5-7057-6044-2
Editorial Council:

Askar A. Akaev (Russia – Kyrghyzstan), Brian J. L. Berry (USA), Valentina M. Bondarenko (Russia), Tessaleno C. Devezas (Portugal), Claude Diebolt (France), Sergey Yu. Glazyev (Russia), Ruslan S. Grinberg (Russia), Bert de Groot (the Netherlands), Masaaki Hirooka (Japan), Boris N. Kuzyk (Russia), Witold Kwasnicki (Poland), Francisco Louçã (Portugal), Vladi-mir I. Mayevsky (Russia), Leo Nefiodow (Germany), Carlota Perez (Venezuela – UK), Sanjay Prasad (India), Arno Tausch (Austria), William R. Thompson (USA), Andrew B. Tylecote (UK), Yuri V. Yakovets (Russia)

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This fifth issue of the Yearbook ‘Kondratieff Waves’ has the subtitle ‘Historical and Theoretical Aspects’, as its papers cover some interesting aspects of long-wave dynamics both in historical trends and in theoretical researches. The Yearbook consists of three sections. The first section (Theoretical Aspects) includes two articles devoted to the correlation between the long waves and much longer cycles, i.e. the Industrial and the Cybernetic revolutions. The second section (Historical Aspects) presents three contributions which consider the history of the USA, technological activity since the Middle Ages and some little-known aspects of the history of long-wave dynamics research. The final section (Reviews, Notes, and Reflections) includes two reviews.

This issue will be useful for economists, social scientists, as well as for a wide range of those interested in the problems of the past, present, and future of global economy and globalization.