Status of Indian Education System in Globalisation

Author: Singh, Rajkumar
Journal: Journal of Globalization Studies. Volume 8, Number 2 / November 2017

Right from the well-planned and sound guru-shishya tradition (when a student while living in his teacher's house as Brahmachari with simple living and high thinking education) the education system has never remained free from problems. The status of education and its system has been changing. Today we live in an intensely interdependent world in which all the earth's peoples with their immense differences of culture and historical experience are compressed together in instant communication. The new phenomenon of globalization has, no doubt, made education more accessible, but the biggest challenge in education is to make globalization, work for the poor and integrate the nation's ethos without losing one's own identity (Tamang 2012: 43). Even the educational structures established in independent India are at stake and losing their content and spirit. As globalization progresses, we will continue to see many changes in Indian educational system.

Keywords: education, independence, schemes, globalization prospect.