Singh, Rajkumar

Last name:  Singh
Name:  Rajkumar

Professor & Head, Department of Political Science, Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University (BNMU), West Campus, Post-Graduate Centre, Saharsa (Bihar), India. Having completed M.A. in Political Science, M.A. in History and LL.B., he did his Ph.D. on ‘India's Foreign Policy (March 1977 – January 1980)’. His books include Less Tasty Indo-Nepal Political Relations 1947–1997, India-South Asia Minus Congress Regimes, Indo-Pak Nuclear Tension 1974–1998, India's Foreign Policy: The First Study in Continuity and Change and India and Pakistan; Social, Political and Military Perspectives. Dozens of articles have been published in several national and international journals, apart from successfully guiding a number of research works of academic worth.

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