The Early Stages of Globalization Evolution: Networks of Diffu-sion and Exchange of Domesticates, Technologies, and Luxury Goods

Authors: Zinkina, Julia; Ilyin, Ilya V.; Korotayev, Andrey
Journal: Social Evolution & History. Volume 16, Number 1 / March 2017


The paper looks into the evolution of globalization at its ear-liest stages (from the Neolithic Revolution to the Urban Rev-olution). Building on the approach by Frank, Chase-Dunn, and Hall to defining the age of the World System, we view the network space of the ancient World System which secured its cohesion. This network space served to transmit and diffuse the most important innovations of that time, such as domesticates, technologies, and prestigious goods. For each of these categories we give a number of examples which, taken together, provide sufficient evidence for the emergence of the World System as early as the Neolithic Revolution (and, indeed, in close connection with it).