A Brief History of the Early Solar System

Author: Grinin, Leonid
Almanac: Globalistics and Globalization Studies Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization Studies

The issue of formation of the Sun, Earth, other planets and their satellites has long been a matter of great concern to people. Over the past few decades as-tronomers and cosmologists have considerably advanced in the perception of the architecture, history, and evolution of the Solar System. In particular, we understand the mechanism of the origin of the Solar system much better due to direct observations of the emerging young stars and discovery of numerous exoplanets. However, one can hardly speak about the history of the Solar system in a proper sense of the word; rather we hypothese. The present article presents the investigation into the evolution of our Solar system in the first few hundred million years of its existence when it experienced the most dramatic changes. The article is written in a rather popular manner, at the same time it is based on rigorous scientific research.

Keywords: the Solar System, exoplanets, proto-cloud, dust subdisk, planetesi-mals, planetary embryos, protoplanets, catastrophes, planetary migrations.