Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Countries: Does Globalization Act as a Facilitator?

Authors: Khan, Mohammad Mohabbat; Islam, Md. S.
Almanac: Globalistics and globalization studiesGlobal Transformations and Global Future.

Globalization has brought countries closer in terms of business, trade, technology, knowledge, policies and relations. Globalization, which is partly synonymous with rising international trade, has fostered rapid production, and consumption of material goods in an unprecedented scale and quantities. This has weighted the ecological footprint of human activities around the world. Thus, in this paper, analysis is presented in a manner to see the extent of such global efforts in facilitating climate change adaptation in developing countries. The paper also attempts to understand the degree of success achieved by developing countries in terms of climate change adaptation in the era of globalization. The paper presents climate change adaptation examples from few developing countries to delineate the correlation between globalization and climate change adaptation in recent times.

Keywords: climate change adaptation, environment, globalization, governance.