The Intellectual Potential of a New Methodological Approach to the Cognition of the Future and Formation of the Strategy for Its Achievement (Gold medal)

The Intellectual Potential of a New Methodological Approach to the Cognition of the Future and Formation of the Strategy for Its Achievement  (Gold medal)
Author: Bondarenko, Valentina
Almanac: Kondratieff waves:The Spectrum of Opinions

Dear Ruslan Semyonovich, dear colleagues who took part in the expert review of applications submitted to the 9th International Competition for N. D. Kondratieff medal ‘For the Contribution into the Development of Social Sciences’, dear members of the jury, thank you for your high assessment of my scientific results.

In my report I would like to present the results of my scientific activity.

I have spent most of my life studying the same problem. What kind of problem is it? To put it briefly, it is to search for the answer to the question of how to improve the life of every human on the planet Earth, to help everyone live in dignity, according to human rank, without troubles, crises and any other negative things that we observe today.

So what is the result of my endeavours?

To find the answer to this eternal question, I had to go through the following research stages in the understanding of developmental laws of the human community: empirical, political, economic, and worldview. And it was the worldview approach that has allowed us to fully and objectively comprehend the human relations model that can ensure the crisis-free development and find the solution to all the problems of both Russia and the whole world.

But in order to obtain such results, it was necessary to elaborate a new methodology for the cognition of regularities in the development of the human system.

What is the novelty and peculiar feature?

First of all, it was revealed that the development of the human community, whether we like it or not, proceeds in order to achieve a single and objectively set final goal. With equal access to the benefits of civilization and their maximum variety to satisfy the ultimate and objectively given, yet not currently realized need of each human, to become physically, intellectually and spiritually perfect, to attain a high level of consciousness or to reach a higher Reason.

Further, it was proved that the human system should be considered only in relation to an objectively set goal, the latter considered in terms of its integrity, systemic nature, and complexity analyzed through application of a cross-disciplinary approach combining all sciences and spiritual knowledge, giving an idea of the regularities and ways to achieve it.

It was determined that ‘time’ appears the only indicator making it possible to measure and compare all processes and phenomena, not measurable and incomparable via other determinants, again with respect to an objectively given development goal.

And already on the basis of this single indicator ‘time’ we obtain a universal criterion of efficiency of the whole human system and of its any subsystem, which in any aspect appears as the ‘time between’ the achievement of an objectively set goal and the current reality. If the ‘the in-between time’ is reduced without reversion (which means, without crises), then we are objectively approaching the goal.

How did this methodological tool-kit contribute to new cognition of regularities of the human community's development?

It enabled:

– first of all, to develop a new paradigm for forecasting the future from the future, i.e., from that future when the ultimate objective set goal is achieved. This means that for the first time the society gets the opportunity to develop a strategy of its development not just for the long-term perspective, but for the long-life perspective, until the goal is achieved – this is the zero ‘in-between time’. Secondly, the society is able to control not everything and everyone, but only ‘the in- between time’, ensuring its continuous reduction. Therefore, it appears that to control ‘the in-between time’ means to control the development;

– to understand the nature of the systemic crisis that affected the entire planet, and find a way out of it by justifying the transition to a new development paradigm, based on the satisfaction of individual needs and avoiding the production of redundant goods. It also enables the achievement of the goal with minimum resources and decreasing time spent. Only the use of digital and other high technologies of the 21st century will make possible the transition to a new level of relationship between people. This means that what I am writing and talking about is not transcendental fantasies, not so much the reality of tomorrow, but above all the urgent need of a person and society ‘here and now’;

– to understand that this goal сan be achieved not only by means of the 21st century technologies, but also due to the transition to a new life-management model with simultaneous implementation of the mechanism bringing together the interests of the state, society, business with the interests of particular individual.

Even today, the Russian practice demonstrates the opportunities for creating such a mechanism. For example, the programs ‘Active Citizen’, ‘Renovation’, etc. are being implemented in Moscow.

Thus, one can note that the real-time implementation of this mechanism also becomes possible only with the help of digital and other high technologies of the 21st century. To reconcile all the interests it should be developed first at local level, but the problems which cannot be solved at this level should be transferred to higher levels.

Hence, the digital economy, much spoken about today, should be considered as an economy of real-time coordination of interests between the state, society, business and the interests of the particular individual, where everything is aimed at achieving an objective goal while reducing costs of all types of resources.

I propose to realize the megaproject ‘Territory of the Faster Growth: Everything for People’ which contains all these ideas and will allow establishing digital equality between people as well as to provide equal access to the benefits of civilization basing on production by order and without manufacturing anything redundant. This is the only way in which the coordination of their interests at each local level in the regime of self-governance will make it possible to eliminate disproportions, desynchronization in the temporal and spatial circulation of goods and money, as well as of all processes.

Only then will it become possible to eliminate the primary cause of the systemic crisis and all systemic weaknesses in socio-economic, scientific and technological, institutional, organizational and other aspects of Russia's and world's development. In turn, this new environment of human existence and a higher level of consciousness will give (e.g., for Russia) the opportunity to provide citizens with a completely new quality of life and create a safe, strong and independent digital economy. This is a prerequisite ensuring the security of an individual, his small habitat, region, country and the whole world.

Taking into account the interests of every individual at each local level and their real-time coordination is the only possible driving force that will create the motivation to increase labor productivity ‘here and now’ and thus will ensure a better quality of life not only for citizens, but for each individual. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the introduction of each individual into the system.

In turn, this will allow us to solve the problem of making our economy much less dependent on raw material supplies, sanctions, etc., and to finally acquire the long-awaited intellectual dimension, when each individual will generate new knowledge in the interests of the entire society and at the same time in his own interests. Therefore, at the same time each local level may become a Silicon Valley, as well as a Bioecopolis, a Technopolis, a spiritual Mecca, and a Skolkovo Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies. Only under these circumstances, due to the declining production of redundant goods and generation of ideas by each individual, there will be created conditions for the accelerated implementation of all goals and projects of Russia's development.

The results of my research have been published in Russia and abroad, including the world peer-reviewed journals, and also confirmed by Diploma No 66-S about the discovery of ‘Regularities of the Societal System Development’ in the field of social sciences and issued by the International Academy of the Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions on December 26, 2016. The reviews of my works, emphasizing the contribution to the development of social sciences, have been published in the leading journals.

Thank you for your attention!