The Intellectual Potential of a New Methodological Approach to the Cognition of the Future and Formation of the Strategy for Its Achievement (Gold medal)

Author: Bondarenko, Valentina
Almanac: Kondratieff waves:The Spectrum of Opinions

Dear Ruslan Semyonovich, dear colleagues who took part in the expert review of applications submitted to the 9th International Competition for N. D. Kondratieff medal ‘For the Contribution into the Development of Social Sciences’, dear members of the jury, thank you for your high assessment of my scientific results.

In my report I would like to present the results of my scientific activity.

I have spent most of my life studying the same problem. What kind of problem is it? To put it briefly, it is to search for the answer to the question of how to improve the life of every human on the planet Earth, to help everyone live in dignity, according to human rank, without troubles, crises and any other negative things that we observe today.