Vladimir Vernadsky's Contribution to the Origin of the Global Trend in Science

Authors: Ilyin, Ilya V.; Ursul, Arkadi A.
Almanac: Globalistics and Globalization Studies Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization Studies

The present paper analyzes in what way Lomonosovʹs ideas about the intercon-nection between some processes on the Earth have influenced Vernadskyʹs scientific pursuits and contributed to the development of a global worldview. Vernadsky paid major attention to the formation of scientific worldview where globalism and evolutionism play the crucial role. The authors argue that Vernadsky laid the foundation for the further investigation of global processes and can be regarded a pioneer of global research. At present these investigations are formed as a separate scientific cluster with globalistics as its core, and also involvong global evolutionism, separate global disciplines, investigations of globalization and a number of other spheres of scientific search. The noosphere theory combines the evolution of noosphere and globalism. Noosphere genesis as a process of humankind survival is the core objective for the present and future civilizational development, which implies a transition to global sustainability, formation of information civilization, globalization and other positive processes of global development. Vernadsky anticipated the coming of a new stage of scientific research – global noospheric revolution in science.

Keywords: globalization, globalization of science, global noospheric revolution in science, global worldview, global disciplines, global problems, global processes, globalistics, global research, global cluster of knowledge, interdisciplinary sections of globalistics, nooglobalism, noosphere, evolutionary globalistics.