Gelis-Filho, Antonio

Bachelor in Law (University of São Paulo), obtained his PhD in Management at FGV-EAESP in São Paulo, Brazil, where he teaches now at business management and at public management programs, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests include geopolitics and...

Seifabadi, Mohsen Shafiee

Assistant Professor of Political science. He teaches in universities of Iran. He is the Specialist of Iran's Foreign Policy and author of the book From Hashemi toward Rouhani: A study on Iran Foreign Policy in Shadow of Constructivism Theory (Tehran: Teesa, 2013). He is currently...

Dolatabadi, Ali Bagheri

Associate professor of International Relations in Department of Political sciences, Yasouj University, Iran. He is the author of From Hashemi toward Rouhani: A Study on Iran Foreign Policy in Shadow of Constructivism Theory (Tehran: Teesa, 2013) and Revolution of Egypt (Tehran:...

Bergesen, Albert J.

Professor of Sociology and Director of the School of Sociology at the University of Arizona.

Smith, Michael E.

Professor of Anthropology at Arizona State University. He is an archaeologist who has directed fieldwork projects at numerous sites in the provinces of the Aztec empire in central Mexico. His fieldwork focuses on the excavation of houses and the study of daily life. He has published...

Berdan, Frances F.

Professor Emerita of Anthropology at California State University San Bernardino. She received her PhD in anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin in 1975. Her research focuses on ethnohistorical, archaeological, and ethnographic approaches to Aztec, colonial Mexican,...

Brewer, Joe

The Evolution Institute

Richerson, Peter J.

University of California, Davis

Kyrchanoff, Maksym W.

Voronezh State University