Contributors to the issue: Evolutionary Trends, Aspects, and Patterns

Butler-Hookes, Johanna

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Arts and Economics with a particular leaning towards Third World Studies and Development Economics, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) for Secondary Schools at Wolverhampton University followed. She had been teaching Business and Economics for 20 years in...

Spooner, Brian

Studied at Oxford, taking Honour Moderations in Greek and Latin Language and Literature, a B.A. in Persian with Pahlavi (First Class Honours), and a DPhil. in Social Anthropology. He has worked with the British Institute of Persian Studies and the American Institute of Iranian Studies, Afghanistan...

Novoseltsev, Dmitry A.

Is CEO of the Non-Profit Partnership ‘Siberian Mechanical Engineering’. He has a PhD in Technical Sciences, awarded by Omsk State Technical University, for his thesis ‘Vacuum, Compressor Engineering and Pneumatic Systems’, after graduating with a degree in Rocket engines and work in the field of...

Last, Cadell

Is an anthropologist (M.Sc.) and philosopher (Ph.D candidate) with an interest in biocultural evolution, mind-matter relation, and the futures horizon situated within a big historical context. He is currently a Ph.D student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) within the Evolution, Cognition,...

Gelis-Filho, Antonio

Bachelor in Law (University of São Paulo), obtained his PhD in Management at FGV-EAESP in São Paulo, Brazil, where he teaches now at business management and at public management programs, both at undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests include geopolitics and...

Staniucha, Tymoteusz

Independent Scholar

Skarzynski, Ryszard

University of Bialystok

Wajzer, Mateusz

University of Silesia in Katowice

Grinin, Anton L.

Anton L. Grinin, PhD in Biological Sciences, is Senior Research Fellow of the International Center for Education and Social and Humanitarian Studies as well as leading Research of Volgograd Centre for Social Research. His main research interests include Big History, evolution,...

Grinin, Anton L.

LePoire, David

Argonne National Laboratory

LePoire, David