Globalistics and Globalization Studies

Globalistics and Globalization Studies

Globalization Studies and Evolutionary Trends

Bibliography: Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2019. – 400 pp.
Edited by:

Leonid E. Grinin, and Andrey V. Korotayev

ISBN 978-5-7057-5751-0

We more and more acutely perceive global processes. Probably, the most debated and apparent is the global climate change. Also the close link between global processes in the World System and every society, in the human civilization and nature becomes more and more evident. And the global processes are clearly a part of the processes in our Universe and even in a wider macrocosm. So we become completely aware of the physical connection between the Earth and the cosmos while learning their riddles.

Thus, global processes imperatively make us think broadly and cover megaevolution and contemporary political processes. The present volume contributes to this approach. This is already the seventh issue of the yearbook Globalistics and Globalization Studies touching a broad range of subjects within Global Studies and subtitled Globalization Studies and Evolutionary Trends. The volume has a traditional structure and consists of four parts. Part I. Big History and Global Evolution comprises four articles considering the fundamental subjects concerned with Big History. Seven contributions to Part II. Historical Globalistics are devoted to historical trends sometimes covering whole millennia. So they are written in the style and discourse of Globalistics and global Historical Sociology. In Part III. Evolutionary Trends there are only four articles but which give very interesting evolutionary surveys showing the development of a phenomenon from origin to the present. Finally, the last Part IV. The World Today and Tomorrow is devoted to the analysis of current processes within the World System and give an insight into the future.

The yearbook will be interesting to a wide range of researchers, teachers, students and all those who are concerned about global issues.