Contributors to the issue: Globalization Studies and Evolutionary Trends

Komlosy, Andrea

University of Vienna

Ranalli, Brent

Ronin Institute

Collado-Ruano, Javier

National University of Education, Ecuador

Aleshkovskii, Ivan

Associate Professor and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Global Studies Lomonosov Moscow State University. His sphere of scientific interests is population economics and demography, in particular migration and development, the role of demographic indicators in economic development. He is author of over...

Mishchenko, Yana

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (Economics) Faculty of Global Studies Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State Uni-versity, social-economic department of the Institute of Asian and African studies. Received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s...

Smith, Michael E.

Professor of Anthropology at Arizona State University. He is an archaeologist who has directed fieldwork projects at numerous sites in the provinces of the Aztec empire in central Mexico. His fieldwork focuses on the excavation of houses and the study of daily life. He has published...

Berdan, Frances F.

Professor Emerita of Anthropology at California State University San Bernardino. She received her PhD in anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin in 1975. Her research focuses on ethnohistorical, archaeological, and ethnographic approaches to Aztec, colonial Mexican,...

Grinin, Anton L.

Anton L. Grinin, PhD in Biological Sciences, is Senior Research Fellow of the International Center for Education and Social and Humanitarian Studies as well as leading Research of Volgograd Centre for Social Research. His main research interests include Big History, evolution,...

Grinin, Anton L.