Introduction. From the First Galaxies to the 2040s

Authors: Grinin, Leonid; Ilyin, Ilya V.; Herrmann, Peter; Korotayev, Andrey
Almanac: Globalistics and Globalization Studies Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization Studies

Out of the past into the future is the mainstream of the research into Big History and global evolution. Of course, it is impossible to embrace the vast time span of universe. That is why no matter how many publications appear on this subject, they always will be grains compared to the ocean of truth, about which Isaac Newton spoke (1989 [1729]). The scope of human thought along with its ability to proceed from reconstruction of the most ancient periods to anticipation of the distant future, from small objects to galaxies and the Universe as well as, to embrace different trends and dimensions of reality never ceases to amaze us. Generally speaking, such comprehension has always been characteristic for creative and inquiring human mind that tries to perceive the world in its grandeur and diversity.