Davletshin, Albert I.

Last name:  Davletshin
Name:  Albert I.

Research fellow in the Centre for Comparative Studies of the Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies at the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow). He works on Polynesian languages and anthropology, Aztec, Epi-Olmec, Harrapan, Mayan and Zapotec scripts, typology of logo-syllabic writing systems, iconography and Mesoamerican historical linguistics. Davletshin is the founder of the projects on proto-Totonacan (University of Mexico) and on Aztec script (Bonn University). He carried out linguistic and ethnographic fieldwork with Nukeria (Papua New Guinea), Rapanui (Easter Island), Tepehua de Pisaflores (Mexico), Sym Evenki and Kellog Ket (Siberia).

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