Kulnazarova, A.

Last name:  Kulnazarova
Name:  Aigul

Aigul Kulnazarova is a Professor of International Relations and International Law in the School of Global Studies at Tama University (Japan), has taught courses in the fi elds of international law, political science, government, and international history since 1995. In 2001, she got her PhD. Degree in International Relations, and her current research is concerned about international relations in Asia, human rights and human rights education, race and politics of Asia and the UN. She has previously published articles, essays and book chapters on the topics of human rights, decolonization, sovereignty both in Russian and English. Dr. Kulnazarova is a co-founder of the Rui-bin Volunteer Camp that aims for the promotion of human rights education and mutual understanding through multiculturalism, language and technology approaches among disadvantageous children, mainly, from the Amis indigenous community of remote areas in Taiwan. She has also offered a similar program to the children of Adivasi aboriginal community in the Eastern part of India.

At the School of Global Studies at Tama University, professor Kulnazarova teaches ‘Personality and Human Rights’, ‘International Relations’, ‘International Law and Institutions’, ‘Democracy’, ‘Sovereignty’, ‘G

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