Little, Daniel

Little, Daniel

Last name:  Little
Name:  Daniel

Daniel Little is chancellor and professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, as well as professor of sociology at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. His research interests fall within the philosophy and ontology of the social sciences. His recent work has focused on the causal status of meso-level social entities. His most recent books include New Contributions to the Philosophy of History (Springer, 2010), The Paradox of Wealth and Poverty: Mapping the Ethical Dilemmas of Global Devel-opment (Westview, 2002), and Microfoundations, Method, and Causation: Essays in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Transaction Publishing, 1998). Translations of several of his books have appeared in Persian and Chinese editions. His academic blog on the philosophy of social science can be found at www.understan

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  • Little, Daniel
    Nation, Region, and Globe Alternative Definitions of Place in World History    // Journal of Globalization Studies. Volume 5, Number 1 / May 2014

    The paper begins in the recognition of the importance of ‘world history’ and considers some of the current challenges this field faces. It considers several important contributions to the field that illuminate the value of fresh approaches: James Scott's construction of ‘Zomia’, Emmanuel Todd's historicization of ‘France’ as a nation, Bin Wong and Kenneth Pomeranz's new approach to Eurasian economic history, and Victor Lieberman's analysis of the strange synchrony between Southeast Asia and Western Europe over a millennium of political development. The essay concludes with several historiographical maxims: avoid eurocentrism, expect variation, look for mechanisms of inter-connection, avoid capture by ‘nation-state’ concepts, and pay attention to different schemes of historical time.

    Keywords: world history, eurocentrism, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, nation, region, historiographical maxims.

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