Martin, Glen T.

Last name:  Martin
Name:  Glen T.

Professor of Philosophy and chair of the program in Peace Studies at Radford University. He is President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), the Institute on World Problems (IOWP), and International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO). Beginning with ‘Millennium Dawn: The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation’ (2005), he has published a number of books on human liberation through a paradigm shift that emphasizing unity in diversity, critical theory with compassion, and the holism of democratic world law. His 2013 book ‘The Anatomy of a Sustainable World: Our Choice between Climate Change or System Change: And How You Can Make a Difference’ examines the real transformations nec-essary for sustainability. In November 2013, in the Philippines, Martin was awarded the GUSI International Prize for Peace, sometimes known as ‘the Nobel Prize of Asia’ for his work on behalf of planetary unity and human liberation. His forthcoming book, ‘One World Renaissance: The New Transformative Holism and Our Global Social Contract’, shows the tremendous potential of the new scientific, philosophical, and spiritual holism to transform our world.

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