Morrison, Jane Gray

Last name:  Morrison
Name:  Jane Gray

Ecologist, author and filmmaker whose work has taken her to over 30 countries. As a filmmaker, Ms. Morrison has produced numerous films for such networks as Dis-covery, PBS (for which she also co-directed ‘A Day in the Life of Ireland’ for Irish Television and WNET) and Turner Broadcasting for which she served as Senior Producer for the 10-hour series, ‘Voice of the Planet’. Ms. Morrison recently completed a feature film documentary trilogy: ‘Mad Cowboy’, ‘No Vacancy’ and ‘Hotspots’ – all of which have aired on Public Broadcasting. In addition to numerous articles and essays, Ms. Morrison's books include A Parliament of Souls: In Search of Global Spirituality (co-editor); No Vacancy: Global Responses to the Human Population Explosion (co-editor); Donkey: The Mystique of Equus Asinus (co-author with Michael Tobias); and, Sanctuary: Global Oases of Innocence (co-author with Michael Tobias). For many years, Ms. Morrison has worked for the nonprofit Dancing Star Foundation.

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