Samar, Reza Ghafar

Last name:  Samar
Name:  Reza Ghafar

Associate professor of (Socio)linguistics and Applied Linguistics. He holds a Ph.D. from University of Ottawa, Canada in Applied-Sociolinguistics and specializes in Sociolinguistics (Variation Theory, Bilingualism, and intercultural communication) and its application to Second/Foreign Language Acquisition. He teaches Sociolinguistics, Second Language acquisitions and Discourse Analysis at MA and PhD levels and is the author of numerous books including Aspects of Second Language Speech: a variationist perspective published in 2010 and articles appearing as book chapters or in journals such as International Journal of Bilingualism. Two inter related areas of interest he is recently working on are intercultural communication (between first and second languages/cultures) and identity (socio-cultural/national/professional) of the people involved in Foreign/Second language learning contexts.

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